Civil, Mechanical, and Structural Engineering Project Management

As a seasoned civil, mechanical, and structural engineering project manager, we’re capable of overseeing your complete project from conception to implementation. If you’re looking for a highly-qualified civil, mechanical, and structural engineering project management team that’s willing to work with you in a hands-on capacity, look no further than Crossroads Solutions Inc. The services we provide are based on technical excellence and integrity. Plus, they’re specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges of each project you charge us with overseeing or contributing to.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Crossroads Solutions provides the level of project management necessary to exceed every customer’s unique expectations. All civil, mechanical, and structural engineering projects are managed with safety as the priority. Customer safety policies are strictly adhered to, to eliminate injuries.

The scope of our project management capabilities includes:

  • Untitled-2Permit Acquisitions
    • Industrial
    • Municipal
  • Untitled-2Feasibility Studies
  • Untitled-2Cost Estimates
  • Untitled-2Timeline Development
  • Untitled-2Bid Package Development
  • Untitled-2Bid Meeting Facilitation
  • Untitled-2Coordination Between Various Departments
  • Untitled-2Project Implementation
    • Contractor Management
    • Material and Equipment Checkout
  • Untitled-2Project Close-out
    • Drawing Submission
    • Update All Databases, Spare Parts, Equipment Records, and History Files
Because we take the time to evaluate every prospective project individually, we welcome every unique facet of your project. We strive to set expectations and deliver solutions that meet and exceed them. Let us show you our unique ability to undertake ventures requiring broad civil and structural engineering project management and technical skills.

Discover the Power of Great Management

If you need a highly-qualified, vastly-experienced civil and structural engineering project manager, contact Crossroads Solutions Inc. We’ll consult with you about the scope of oversight required for your project and work towards developing an individualized approach to facilitating success. Contact us today at 256-627-9432 to speak with Owner John Baker about your needs.