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Crossroads Solutions LP is dedicated to providing its clients with dependable, safe, and highly specialized engineering services. As engineering consultant, we provide civil and structural engineering project assessments and are completely hands-on, offering technical support, system analysis, and troubleshooting. Our scope of abilities includes project management, maintenance and automation for government and heavy industrial clients. Contact us today to have your project evaluated by our knowledgeable professionals.

Civil and Structural Engineering Project Assessments

At Crossroads Solutions LP, we’re extensively qualified to provide mechanical, structural and civil engineering. We’re primarily focused on heavy industry designs and government contracts, bringing a wealth of expertise to these areas. In addition to our broad expertise in civil and structural engineering project assessments, we provide machinery, hardware, control devices and programming relevant to the nature of our involvement in your project. From automation engineering to structure integrity assessment, we do it all.

Our breadth of highly specialized civil and structural engineering services is extensive and always tailored to your needs. With years of experience as engineering consultants, we deliver nothing short of turnkey results! Through both civil and structural project assessments, our team manages multiple projects from conception to implementation in a cost-efficient way. Once those projects come to fruition, we offer full maintenance management, system analysis and troubleshooting, as well as failure analysis to identify root causes and define solutions to eliminate future failures. For advanced applications, we specialize in automation, lending our technical expertise to assess existing and proposed processes. And, where required, we lend our expertise to reliable system integration.

Our sole focus is to improve your bottom line through critical engineering and process improvement. Let us help you recognize the inefficiencies and opportunities in your operations and facilities, to capitalize on them in every possible capacity.

  • Untitled-2We’re licensed in the following states: AL, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, MS, OH, TX and VA. Owner John Baker is also personally certified in AL, FL, GA, OK, LA, MP, and TN.
  • Untitled-2We’re totally mobile, with a nationwide service scope. As a small company, we aim to be totally responsive to our clients, no matter where they’re located.
  • Untitled-2For every prospective project we take on, Owner John Baker personally evaluates the scope of work. This allows us to be upfront about our capabilities and set expectations.
  • Untitled-2We welcome government contracts and have experience in working with these types of jobs. We’re also extremely experienced with heavy industrial projects.
  • Untitled-2Our goal is to be a civil and structural engineering project assessment resource our clients use with confidence to achieve their goals, knowing safety and quality are of the highest priority to us.

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