Root Cause Failure Analysis

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is the process by which we identify physical, human and latent root causes to a problem and define solutions to eliminate future failures. We utilize RCFA to ensure that our clients are provided with long-term, sustainable solutions to their problems.

Too often, chronic equipment failures become expected, with downtime and repairs are simply accepted as a cost of doing business. This mindset is generally worth tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars in annual losses. Crossroads Solutions Inc provides Root Cause Failure Analysis services to help you fully understand why systems do not work as planned and make sure the undesirable outcome doesn’t occur again.

We’ll consult and/or manage a project to initiate and develop a viable RCFA process in a corporation, government facility or business where one does not exist. Our team can also facilitate the RCFA process for specific loss occurrences, to help identify a particular ongoing issue. Our goal is always to positively affect your operation’s bottom line.

Because we have a distinguished background that includes civil and mechanical engineering, primarily focused on heavy industry designs, we’re well-qualified to deliver robust maintenance solutions that prevent downtime, minimize changeover, improve reliability and boost profitability. With a focus on efficiency, we aim to unlock maintenance as a value-add aspect of your operations.


Specializing in government and heavy industry projects, Crossroads Solutions Inc delivers a wide range of expertise in all things maintenance-related. From developing maintenance plans to overseeing maintenance project management to performing root cause failure analysis, our breadth of abilities is all-inclusive. Our primary focus includes:

  • Untitled-2Full Maintenance Project Management
  • Untitled-2System analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Untitled-2Pumping Systems
  • Untitled-2Machines
  • Untitled-2Control Systems

Restore Your Bottom Line

Poor maintenance and generally accepted structural failures are eating away at your bottom line. Through Root Cause Failure Analysis robust and maintenance planning, Crossroads Solutions Inc aims to restore lost dollars and eliminate persistent headaches. Contact us today at 256-627-9432 to begin planning improvements within your industrial or government facility.